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Quality Certification

Quality Certification

Management philosophy:

Forward-looking, harmonious, innovative, and shared

Quality policy:

Prevention is more important than inspection, pursue continuous improvement, and exceed customer expectations

Quality Commitment:

The core of LuChiuan Heating Element's quality management is to get things done the first time. Emphasis on quality control and quality assurance are important. Everyone must clearly understand what their job requirements are. (Through training, each employee realizes that there is no good product quality and service, the company will not survive, and its work will have a product. Unable to shirk responsibility), follow the true people-oriented quality management philosophy.

Quality Control:

The quality control of Lusheng Electric Heating is to integrate all the internal departments of the organization in quality development, quality maintenance and quality improvement to operate as an effective system:

1. Standardization;

2. Design quality;

3. Feed quality;

4. Process quality (A, trial and improvement before mass production; B, implementation of operating standards; C, implementation of process control; D, analysis and application of process capability; E, implementation of finished product inspection; F, non-conforming product Control.)

5. Storage and transportation quality;

6. Manufacturing equipment maintenance;

7. Inspection equipment;

8. Automation and rationalization;

9. Quality inspection. Strictly follow the quality assurance process to carry out layer-by-layer control, and ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of customers.

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