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How to choose heating tube? Learn about industrial carbon fiber heating tubes

Jun. 12, 2019

When choosing heating tube, we have to confirm many questions before we can confirm what kind of heating tube to choose.

For example: what kind of equipment are we using?

How high does it need to be?

Is the environment clean?

Does it have acid base corrosion?

Is the heating pipe installed horizontally or vertically?

The voltage is 220V, right? Or 380 v?

What is the length of the heating tube?

How long does the wire need to be?

This paper takes carbon fiber heating tube as an example to answer the above questions.

The following faces above question one by one to share with everybody, is what equipment does not need to give an example.

Voltage selection: 220V voltage for civil use, 380V or 220V for industrial use. If there is no professional electrician, please do not connect the electricity at will.


Installation method: carbon fiber heating tube can be installed horizontally or vertically, but special installation clip is needed.

Circular head mounting clip

Square head mounting mode

3. Length selection: confirm the installation space and position. Measure the space size with a tape measure. The size of the heating tube needs to be included in the measurement, otherwise you cannot install it.

Carbon fiber heating tube size measurement

4. Heating zone length options: not the ends of the heating tube has a length of wire, industry belongs to the "cold", this distance because there is no heating silk, strictly speaking there is no heating effect, if the specific requirements for heating is strict to select heating tube cold area length and the heating area length have to confirm, otherwise will lead to reach the heating effect. When heating water, be sure to choose the length of the cold zone, or there will be leakage risk.

Cold zone: no carbon fiber heating wire at both ends of the heating tube;

Heating zone: carbon fiber heating wire parts.

5. Choice of environment: carbon fiber heating tube can be dry burned in air or heated in liquid.

(applicable <500℃)

Air dry heating tube with operating temperature of 150℃ or less is selected as common high temperature resistant wire. Operating temperature in 150℃-500℃ around the choice of a higher level of high temperature resistance wire. (2) corrosive liquid carbon fiber quartz heating tube strong acid strong alkali, except some acids, can be assured to use, pay attention to the use of leakage. (3) pay attention to the use of water leakage.

6, power design (air dry burning, power can be customized according to demand, unit length of power can do 2KW/ meter, and then greatly affect the service life of the heating tube. (2) heating water, water heating electric heat pipe, unit length power can achieve 4KW/ meter, and then greatly affect the service life of the heating pipe.

(3) other liquids, according to the heating object required temperature configuration power, do not blindly choose high power heating tube, easy to cause safety accidents.

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