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Industrial electric finned heating elements Supplier for Oven

Product Description

1)Can be used in any cases to heating all kinds of material, such as explosion-proof occasions

2)Heating system could be controlled automaticly, including controlling the heater by DCS system

3)Long lifetime, and with multiple protection system, safe to use

Industrial Heating Elements Electric Ceramic Band Heater

Ceramic band heaters are made of helically wound nickel chrome resistance coil precisely stretched and strung through steatite ceramic cores forming a flexible heating mat. It is then placed in flexible stainless steel housing with ceramic fibre insulation. These heaters are very flexible and can be fitted easily. Durable, ceramic band heaters provide excellent energy efficiency with their built-in ceramic fiber jackets. Unlike mica band heaters, ceramic heaters transfer heat through conduction and radiation and do not require tightening around the cylinder. Flexible, these heaters come in a wide variety of terminal styles, and with different clamping mechanisms, holes and cutouts.


1, Nickel-chrome wire in a outer wall composed of interlocking ceramic tiles

2, Inside medium-high temperature heaters up to 1200° F

3, Outside shell temperature: 350° - 450° F

4, Built-in ceramic fiber insulating mat

5, Stainless steel jacket

6, Minimum diameter: 60mm

7, Minimum width: 25.4MM

8, Thickness: 12mm

9, Broad range of terminal types and thicknesses of ceramic fiber insulation mats


1, Plastic processing machinery

2, Injection and blow moulding

3, Hot runner bushings

4.Plastic injection moulding machine

5.Hollow shaping machine/Blow-molding machine

6.Extrusion machine/Co-extrusion line

7.Raw material processing equipment

8.Pelletizing equipment

9.Granular machine

10.All types of plastics processing machines

Design Features

Energy efficient, less power consumption

High sheath temperature capability up to 1600°F

Thermally insulated

Uniform temperature

Flexible, easy to install and remove

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