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Single Point Electric Rod Tube industrial heater elements Supplier

Product Description

1, power tolerance: +5%, -5%;

2, diameter tolerance: -0.03 ~ -0.08mm;

3, pipe length tolerance: 0.5 ~ 1.0mm;

4, withstand voltage: 1500V/5S;

5, insulation value: >=500M ohm; long term preservation of >=100M ohm;

6, wire length tolerance: 10mm

1. Heating rod housing material: high temperature resistant seamless thick wall stainless steel.321, wall thickness (0.7-1.0 mm); other materials can be inquired by telephone; for example: 316L, Incoloy 840, Incoloy 800, etc.

2. Heating wire: Ni80Cr20 nickel-chromium heating wire (imported from Germany); using uniform external winding; can also be segmented density to ensure uniform template temperature;

3, Magnesium Oxide stick: using high temperature seawater to purify and synthesize white Magnesium Oxide rods;

4, magnesia powder: using high temperature imported magnesia powder from the United States;

5. Electrode: high temperature nickel manganese alloy wire or high temperature pure nickel wire.

6, power cord: adopt high temperature glass fiber pure nickel line (import);

7, sealing materials: the imported high temperature sealant can be resistant to 1400 degrees.

8. Magnesium oxide powder at the outlet of the electric heat pipe shall be avoided from the infiltration of pollutants and water in the place of use and the occurrence of leakage accidents.



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