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China supplier U shape electric heating tube in heating elements

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Hot sale stainless steel, incoloy 840 water heater heating elements

Available in single- or double-ended termination styles, the versatile and econmical HUHOT tubular heating element from lends itself to virtually the entire range of immersion and air heating applications. Electric heating tube shape without a standard, according to the different installation space and installation to design the shape of electric heating tube.

Usually Threaded or Flanged electric heating tube for heating liquid, Finned electric heating tube is particularly suitable for air. Flanged electric heating tube is easy to install, control and maintain, unique designer as your request. For corrosive environments, a titanium material or tubular heating element with an additional Teflon sleeve can be used.

Thread fitting size M12* 1.5; M14*2.0; M16*2.5 etc
Tube diameter Φ6mm - Φ 16mm
Tube Material SS304, SS316L, SS321, SS310S and INCOLOY800, 840  etc
Insulation Material99% Purity Mgo 
Conductor MaterialNichrome Resistance Wire
Wattage DensityHigh/Middle/Low (5-25w/cm2)
Voltages available60V- 600V Customized
Lead Connection OptionThreaded Terminal or Lead Wire
OptionWaterproof or with fins



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