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Product Description

1.Mosi2 heating element is a kind of resistance heating element with high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and low aging based on molybdenum disilicide.When used in high temperature oxidation atmosphere, a layer of bright and compact quartz (SiO2) glass film is formed on the surface, which can protect the inner layer of si-mo rod from oxidation, so the element of si-mo rod has unique high temperature oxidation resistance.

2.Under the oxidizing atmosphere, the maximum operating temperature is 1800, the resistance of the heating element of silicon molybdenum rod increases rapidly with the temperature increasing, and the resistance value is stable when the temperature is constant.Under normal conditions, the resistance of elements does not change with the service time, so the new and old elements can be mixed.

3.According to the structure, working atmosphere and temperature of the heating equipment, the correct selection of the surface load of the heating element is the key to the service life of the element.


series1800 mosi2 heating element
modelU type
Product features and features

High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high purity, fast heating.

Product specificationNon-standard custom
Whether to accept customizationAccept customization and provide relevant customized content and sample service
standard packagingMoSi2 heating elements are packed in standard export wooden boxes, outer wooden boxes and inner foam sponges to ensure safety.

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